Crisis on Infinite Dinos

In honor of the New York school system banning the word dinosaur, I thought we should take time to discuss Dino Crisis. For those unfamiliar Dino Crisis was a survival horror game put out by everyone’s favorite cash vacuum of a company, Capcom. You were put in the role of Regina, a member of an elite special forces team so elite they go into battle wearing jeggings and pleather (it was the 90’s we’re all sorry), sent to find a rogue scientist long thought dead but isn’t because he’s a rogue. The scientist, Dr. Kirk, is working on a new type of energy which results in a hole in time and space opening and dinosaurs coming through into our time. Let that be a lesson: clean energies lead to dinosaurs eating everyone you love (xoxoxo, Big Oil).

I'm so... well I'll keep it to myself.

What really set the game apart was the way it took the game play of Resident Evil and tweaked it, polished it up. The backgrounds aren’t pre-rendered giving the whole atmosphere a greater sense of flow and terror with the faster enemies. As is typical you have to go find key cards and other bobbles to get around but here again the faster enemies add an element of horror not seen in Resident Evil, in Dino Crisis you get a genuine sense of being hunted.

This finally leads us to the real point of this article. Where the hell is the next gen Dino Crisis, Capcom? The blame of course has to rest on the shoulders of Dino Crisis 3. While the second game in the series switched up gameplay it at least kept the story line. The third game not only changed the style completely it also had nothing what so ever to do with the plot and thus calling it a sequel is a bit like calling Transformers 2 and sequel to Everybody Loves Raymond.

Capcom we implore you, Dino Crisis 1 & 2 were popular in their day, they made you your one and only love, money. We’re not asking for anything too grand, a PSP or 3DS game maybe?


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