Fear Friday the 13th

Quite possibly the hardest game ever.

Let’s face it. Most video games based off movies are terrible, poorly designed, mediocre, attempts to cash in on the success of a popular franchise. I’m not saying this entirely true, however I am saying this is about 95% accurate. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone out of my way to try a game, simply because it was based off a movie series I enjoyed. There is one title in particular that continually comes to mind when I think of movie games and that my friends, is Friday the 13th for the NES. It is no exception to the stereotype.

The carnage!

Very few games capture the same amount of horror as Friday the 13th. This isn’t due to the fact that the game has genuinely scary atmospheres or moments of suspense, oh no, it’s due simply to the fact that the game is horrifyingly difficult. Friday the 13th plays like a traditional side-scrolling horror title (think Splatterhouse or a really terrible Castlevania), but incorporates a strange squad based system, involving all the campers/playable characters. You constantly have an alert on your screen notifying you that somebody is being killed. Each character starts at a different location in the camp and your objective is to run to the nearest cabin to try and rescue your friends. You beat the game if you can save your dying campers and destroy Jason, only God knows how that plays out. It seemed like every single time I got to a cabin the door would either be locked, or I would discover Jason hovering over the mangled body of a camper. I literally spent hours trying to conquer this game, to no avail. In honor of Friday the 13th we would like to highlight this game and encourage all you “hardcore” gamers to give this one a run for it’s money.

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