We Want Dragon’s Dogma

Looking Better Everyday

Every time I see a new article, or a new video, or new screenshots from Capcom’s upcoming epic, Dragon’s Dogma, the desire to play it becomes stronger and stronger. From the way the game looks, and is described, it’s essentially Skyrim, meets Monster Hunter, meets Dark Souls. This formula, in of itself, sounds way too good to be true; an in-depth, open-world, RPG with a fluent action,combat system and the demo for Resident Evil 6. I’m more than just a little interested in this game, in fact you could go as far to say that I’m infatuated with it.

Talk about a snake in the grass.

They are numerous reasons for my infatuation. The first involves the minds behind the game. Did you love Resident Evil 4? Did you love Devil May Cry 4? Well guess what? The same development team that created those two classics is working on Dragon’s Dogma. Which means this game is going to packed with intense moments of action and awesome boss battles. The combat looks as though it could work very well. There is a heavy focus on the way you approach an enemy. Depending on your class and weapon set, you can approach the same monster in a variety of ways and still achieve the same outcome; it’s demise. The introduction of the “Pawn” system is another fascinating feature that has tickled my interests. Essentially you are given a partner who blindly follows you throughout the game. You can train and customize this partner to compliment your character’s personally play style, this is considered your “Main Pawn.” You can also have two additional “Pawns” accompany your party, if you so choose. All your “Pawn’s” weapon, armor, and skill sets can be changed and customized. If you’ve played Mass Effect, it sounds very similar to the squad arrangement. All of these amazing features are incorporated into a massive, open world, environment; full of a variety of terrible monsters, fully voiced NPC’s, and a bounty of plentiful quests.

That's one way to do it.

Dragon’s Dogma looks like it could be the greatest RPG of all time….. Yeah, you’re probably right. I’m taking it a bit too far. Well, regardless of my semi-biased love for Capcom, you cannot deny the fact that this game has a tremendous amount of potential and could easily be one of the biggest role-playing games of the year.

We want to know how you feel about Dragon’s Dogma. If there is anything you’d like to share feel free to post it in the comment section below. Thanks!


  1. WTB character customization, the main dude didn’t quite have the “I jump on top of dragons and stab them in the face look” to him. He also didn’t have the “I sneak up on dragons and stab them in the back” look either.

  2. WTB my time back after playing the demo… I’ll be holding off on this title until a year or so later when/if they decide to release it on the PC away from sub-par controls. Looks neat, but more generic to myself.

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