The Friday, it BURNS!

So once again it’s Friday and that means fun videos. I don’t expect these to be watched since you’re all most likely off playing Diablo III for fun on this Friday. Hey! That’s a great way to introduce our first video. Have you found Whimsyshire yet?

Next up, if you didn’t already know Community is one of the best sitcoms on tv and in their third to last episode of the season they went Full SNES Jacket (well 80% SNES Jacket). I’d say the whole episode is worth watching but every episode of Community is worth watching, enjoy the Mega Man inspired intro:

Finally, ever wonder what Final Fantasy VII would look like as an anime? What, they already have that? Well… here’s another:

Happy Friday to all and to all a ummm ahh How did I not know about that Last Order thing? Whatever DIABLO 3!!!


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