Nerd Wars! What Franchise Needs to Just Stop?

It’s become commonplace in the gaming industry to bleed every successful series completely dry. “If the first game made this much money, just imagine how much the sequel will make!” A few franchises have simply gone too far. This week we want to know how you feel.

Call of Duty
Final Fantasy





  1. If CoD would return to it’s roots, it could keep going. Since the team split that’s impossible. FF could do the same if they would figure out where they were going with the game mechanics. Halo is the only one that seems to be reaching into ever aspect of their universe to find something to make a game about. Oh, and in all fps’s, drop the regen health bit and bring back health packs that you have to kill someone to get again… good times, good times.

    1. All of these franchises are in need of a serious reboot, to say the least. For years they have been rehashing similar concepts to keep existing fans, however these errors have contributed to the series downfall. The idea of the average sequel is based entirely on profitability. This is a depressing reality.


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