E3in’ Be Ill’n

First of all, I thoroughly apologize for the name of this post. Second, E3 videos and more! What caught my eye first and foremost was of course, Resident Evil 6:

Thanks to Gametrailers.com we have 7 Minutes of playing (YES! Gameplay) as Wesker Jr. or Jake, with what I assume is Ashley, from Resident Evil 4, helping you kick in doors. It really looks like Capcom has figured out a way to make the secondary character not completely useless.

Next up, if there are two things I love in this world it’s character creation in video games and South Park (also anchovies but I appear to be alone on that). So imagine me seeing this via IGN.com:

Yes, that’s right, you as a South Park character in South Park in the style of the show… South Park (damn it).

STAR WARS! There, that broke the awkwardness. Remember when Han shot first? Ever wish a whole game could be made out of that part of Star Wars? Well, wish granted!

Speaking of wishes being granted, remember your Mii? That avatar for your Wii? Well it’s no longer just a weird thing you barely remember because soon you will be able to use your WiiU to play mini games based on classic Nintendo games as your Mii! Behold, Nintendo Land Zelda Battle Quest:

It’s everything I thought they’d do with the Wii but they didn’t (jerks). Let’s end on cinematic note, Disney (not Pixar) is making a videogame based movie called Wreck It Ralph. Behold the cameo filled trailer:

P.S. A moment of Silence for the great Ray Bradbury.

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