Get Stoked!

So many amazing games are being shown at this year at E3, it’s hard to say which I’m most stoked for. One that I’ve been keeping a close eye on and was excited to see make an appearance, was the new Tomb Raider. The heavy cinematic trailers are all good, but here we can see some actual gameplay as well. The cool part is, those cinematics actually ARE the gameplay, which is the greatest thing I could imagine for the series.

Next up, we have a little more news on the prequel to everyone’s favorite series, Gears of War: Judgement. Similar to Valve’s Left 4 Dead series, the campaign will feature the “director” system of dynamic difficulty adjustments. Meaning, if you start scratching grubs too easily, the game is going to ramp up the number locusts you’ll face, and vice versa. They also plan to add more re-playability to the campaign, after complaints of the journey being too short (even though Gears of War 3 was the their longest installment), through alternate missions. The story is told through testimony by Baird and Cole, so it’s not always taking place in real time. Some memories on the first time through are the “wrong” ones, and later you can retry for the true sequence (Assassin’s Creed 100% sync ring a bell?). Hopefully this evolves to be more than mere amnesia, but I have faith we’ll see good things in the future.

Finally, the game I have been waiting on the edge of my seat all year for, Dead Space 3. No series delivers more scares, swears, and dismemberment than Dead Space, and now you get to crap yourself alongside a buddy over Xbox Live. Issac and his partner in dismemberment, Carver (who is being held under pretty close wraps), will have many a necromorph to annihilate on this mysterious new planet. Also, just to answer your question right now, if you play Dead Space 3 in single player, you WILL NOT have an AI companion. Single player = Just Issac. You will have unique dialog when playing both modes (single player and online multiplayer) so it’ll be awesome to see both.

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