What Do You Mean I Can’t Play Diablo for Three Days?

Blizzard introduced a new “security” measure with the latest patch for Diablo 3. If you were thinking about purchasing a digital copy of the game, you may want to reconsider, or possibly time it for an off weekend because you will essentially be stuck with a demo version (“Starter Version”)  of the game for three days. That’s right folks, for 72 hours you are restricted to a level 13 character and you can only progress to the Skeleton King in Act 1. Oh and by the way… you can only play with friends who have the “Starter Version”… and you can’t access any features of the auction house. It seems like this is the latest push in Blizzard’s war against farming. Which honestly, needs to be combated somehow. Some people just have to ruin it for everyone I guess.

We want to know what you think. Is this going too far? Why do you think these types of security measures got put into place?


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