Skyrim Minecraft Mod

So what happens when you combine two of the most addicting games of all time you ask? Well, this….

This is a really cool addition to Minecraft, that adds a great deal of content to an already extensive game. If you were in rehab for Minecrack and this causes a violent relapse, I apologize. I’m right in that sinking ship with you. The developer of this mod consistently releases updates. I will include a link to a really active Minecraft forum. There is a ton of additional content and texture packs to explore, as well as a strong community of Minecraft fanatics.



  1. WHY WOULD YOU SHOW ME THAT?!?! I have walked away from both of those games… Now I’ll have to go back to Minecraft again! Meh, who am I kidding, I was getting the Minecraft itch anyway. Just one more block…

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