Nerd Wars! Who Do You Want to See in Playstation All-Stars?

A few days ago we released the roster for the upcoming brawler, Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale. So far ten characters have been confirmed and many more have yet to be announced. If you need a refresher on who’s making an appearance, check out our last article. So far this list includes some pretty iconic characters, but we feel like the game is still missing some of all-time greatest Playstation heroes. For this week’s Nerd Wars!, we need your help deciding which character needs to be in this game.

We will be submitting this article, with all of your votes, to the Playstation All-Stars website. Let’s spread the word and make this one count!

Wander (SoC)



    1. You are 100 percent right. After we submitted the list we thought of quite a few more characters we want to add to the list. We do want to keep the list fairly concise though.

  1. Leon! If Marvel Vs. Capcom gets Jill and Super Smash Bros. got Snake, then we need a badass cop too! Although, Tomba and Crash would be epic additions. I’m hoping they release a TON of characters.

    1. Not having Crash would be a travesty… I mean seriously, when you think of famous Sony characters, Crash Bandicoot is the first to come to mind. Leon is probably my all time favorite character though. Resident Evil 2 ftw!

      1. I agree. Crash was practically the face of early PlayStation, and it’s too bad Universal ran him into the ground after Naughty Dog bowed out. I guess it comes down to whether or not Sony want to pony up the money to Activision. Who knows how much that would cost.

      2. I think that ultimately decided whether or not Crash will be in the game. It’s all Benjamins. When Naughty Dog was making the games they we’re some off the best platformers of all time. It’s sad that Sony sold him to Activision.

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