Crack for Kids

The Skylanders epidemic is getting out of hand. Who are we kidding? The hand is far in the distance at this point. It’s been over eight months since the video game/toy fusion release and the demands are still outrageous for certain figures. We’ve seen characters selling for double and triple their value online and we’ve even seen children literally fight each other in electronic departments over the last Whamshell. It’s created a crime sub-culture among the children, leading to violence and illegal trade and all the while Activison sits idly by and watches the world burn. For shame Activison….


  1. Hilarious, though is there a way to profit off of the kids? Perhaps a Skylanders arena that is disturbingly similar to Thunderdome?

    1. The children are merely pawns, the parents provide the financing. And children can’t be prosecuted for most criminal offenses…. It’s the perfect crime. A thunderdome would be pretty damn entertaining though. Almost like a Solander cock fighting ring.

  2. I think the Skylander idea is brilliant. I haven’t actually bought any of them, being 28 and honestly having plenty of games to play/toys to play with already, but when I was a kid my greatest wish was to play with my toys, then put those toys into my video games and keep playing with them.

    1. The idea is definitely genius. I would have gone insane over these when I was a little kid. It’s essentially taking pokemon to the next level. In fact, if Pokemon incorporated this business model, the world might just cave in on itself.

  3. It’s so sad because it’s true! And it’s only going to get worse with Skylanders Giants. I remember selling chewing gum in middle school thinking I was a bad ass, but I bet they’re all selling their leveled up Skylanders now. Way to kick a mans pride in the ding ding, kiddos.

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