A Realm Reborn Before Others

In an ongoing quest to never make a good, new, Final Fantasy game, Square Enix has announce they’re giving Final Fantasy XIV another go with an pseudo remake/expansion maybe? Check out the (non gameplay) trailer:

I brought this up a little while ago, but I think in needs repeating: Square Enix, it’s time to move on. First and foremost, I find it hard to imagine people actually wanting a Final Fantasy mmorpg. I don’t fault Square Enix for trying, but it feels very awkward for a story heavy series of games. This leads me to to my second point, prior to Final Fantasy X (I think there might have been a cell phone game for VII  but whatever), each game was nice and self contained, no sequels, no spinoffs, just the game. It either worked or it didn’t, that was that. Please, return to this policy. Just focus on making a good rpg and don’t worry about what comes after.

(h/t Topless Robot)


  1. Well said. I miss a good turn based RPG and you’re right. The last thing this series needs is an MMORPG.

    1. Listen here Iceman, I know you love Final Fantasy, we all do, but their MMORpgs are nothing compared to the classics. They are shallow attempts for a dates franchise to stay current.

      1. Miles, you’re a shallow attempt! FFXI was awesome, I spent a long time on that game and while I had high hopes for XIV to be even better, this is great news for all those that love it. The mmo’s have a certain feel that can’t be captured well in a single player game. However, I do agree that the latest FF’s haven’t been up to par with what they were in the past… but don’t make me shake my fist at you!

      2. I don’t understand why this is such a big deal to most. The MMO’s are, what mmo’s should be like. Online, Very Time consuming (to say the least), and some what social. And they Make you work for your progress in the game. Do I want to kill sheep for 4 hours? No, And with 14 your not as limited like you where with 11 on how to gain your XP. Still Grinding is the fastest way to get shit done, Its not the only way. Also It was the same for say your fav game miles 8! Going to the “Island closest to heaven” or the “Island closest to hell” you grind in the field for hours to get from level 50-100. People need to get out of the WOW mind set. The game is not WOW. They make you work for your progress whoopty freakin do!

      3. I will say this about the FF MMOs, they are a great way for fans of the series to expand the Final Fantasy world and share the experience with other fans. I’ve never been a fan of grinding, to me that’s just a lazy way of adding length to a game.

  2. I was actually excited when FF14O was announced for consoles too since the 360 version of FFXI wasn’t too bad. I had bought a $1200 gaming PC right before 14 released but I was so sucked in to WoW at the time I passed it up.. thankfully.

    1. The thing that kills me about about FF14 is how beautiful the game looks. The environments and character models look amazing, but I know there are far too many things mechanically wrong with the game for me to ever take it seriously.

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