Nerd Wars! Who is Your Favorite Tekken Fighter?

We’ve been playing a ton of Street Fighter x Tekken lately, so we decided we would use this week’s Nerd War! as an opportunity to decide who your favorite Tekken fighter is. We want a good, clean fight!








If you favorite fighter isn’t listed, let us know in the comment section.


  1. Hwa Rang, I knew the guy who stood in for the character personally. His name is Hwang Su Il and he’s a Korean TKD expect. When he came to Ottawa for a year, I had the honor of training with him too. He was badass, but very nice!

  2. Bah, where’s my Bryan Fury kid? You’re kill’n me with these lists of yours Miles… next time you and I work together, I’m gonna getcha right in the nose!

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