OnLive for Ouya

Today marks yet another milestone for the Android console Ouya, following the announcement of it’s partnership with OnLive. For those unfamiliar with OnLive, it’s essentially a way to stream full games from major publishers without the need for a powerhouse machine. All the graphics processing is done via an internet connection and you simply stream the content to your device, in this case the Ouya. This completely disregards all the negative comments from critics about the lack of first party games with the systems release. With the addition of OnLive there will be hundreds of major games from over 80 publishers in addition to all the stand alone Android content.

What are your takes on this partnership?


  1. This is awesome. I think this does fly in the face of the everything for free (at least a demo) idea, though, since I believe OnLive still has a monthly fee. It did say that it would let the dev develope a pricing plan though, and they do know what they are doing since they haven’t dropped off the Earth yet… right?

    After looking at their site:

    $9.99 a month for unlimited games is pretty awesome… I may be mistaken, but it did sound like there was a free version where you can play from a specific selection. But the demos are 30 minutes from the actual game. That’s pretty awesome.

  2. This is good for Ouya. Cloud gaming is going to become more and more popular as infrastructures continue to improve. I wish it weren’t the case, but whatevs.

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