Playstation All Star Leaks!

Breaking! Desturctoid is reporting on several leaks for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. The leaks have moved their way past the National Guard and are heading for the mainland! That’s my weird way of saying nothing is confirmed. Looking through everything, I have to say this sounds pretty legit. The list of playable characters including Dante (Devil May Cry), Sack Boy (Little Big Planet), Raiden (Metal Gear Solid), Ratchet and Clank (Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon Ratchet & Clank) and a host of others. The leaks also included some arenas, check it out:

Alden’s Tower (Infamous)
Black Rock Stadium (Twisted Metal)

Columbia (Bioshock Infinite)

Invasion (Killzone)
Loco Roco Themed Stage
San Francisco (Resistance)
Paris (Sly Cooper)
Stowaways (Uncharted)
Timestation (Ape Escape)

In all honesty, these leaks look like what Sony should have announced first. Everything is much more Playstation themed, Playstation exclusive. I mean I love Bioshock, but Playstation is not the first console to pop in my mind when it’s brought up. Ratchet and Clank: YES, Little Big Planet: YES, Ape Escape: YES, Infamous: YES, Metal Gear Solid: Oh my, YES! Of course considering how Playstation themed these are, it could just be some clever fans tricking us with wishful thinking. If they are true, Sony, please since you’re ripping off Smash Bros. anyway, rip off their promotion:

See how Solid Snake was at the end? Exclusives first!

(h/t Destructiod and GameRant)


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