Aliens: Colonial Marines Authentic Aliens

The team behind the upcoming video game Aliens: Colonial Marines, talks about the processes involved in creating a genuine Aliens experience. This is set to be an official video game sequel for the first two films, so you can be sure the fans are expecting a great deal.

The game is scheduled for release on Febuary 12th of 2013.


  1. Why don’t they ever let you play as the Aliens? The best part of the Jurassic Park games for the Genesis and PS1 were when you got to play as the dinosaurs. Jumping 15 feet into the air and clawing at people.

    1. Did you play any of the AvP games? You could play as the Aliens in those and it was actually pretty sweet. And you’re right the raptor levels in the Jurassic Park game were the best.

  2. Oh snap, I almost forgot about Sega, but this looks awesome. Hopefully the gameplay is innovative and fun, and they’re not focusing too much on the visual aspect.

    Also, I’m glad they didn’t go with Lindelof’s blueberry alien.

    1. I know poor Sega…. But there is still hope! It seems like this team is genuinely trying to capture the thrills and scared of the Alien films. I’m wishing for the best.

  3. Totaly stocked about this game. I, however, don’t fully appreciate playing as the aliens or predators. They just don’t have… the guns that are more fun to me. I’m sure that this may have a multiplayer option (as most games do now) where you could probably play as the other races. It did look a little CoD-ish though didn’t it?

    1. I’m glad this game has more of a focus on the horror element of the Alien universe. It’s integrating all the things we know about the films and creating something totally new. I’m very excited.

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