Nerd Wars! Who is Your Favorite Starter Pokemon? (1st Gen)

So this marks the beginning of a long series of upcoming Nerd Wars! We want to figure out who is the all-time favorite starter Pokemon. We will begin preliminaries with the first generation. Every week will continue the tradition until we have determined the favorite from each generation. Once we have tallied those votes we will have one final poll to determine who the favorite starter Pokemon is. A wild survey appears!…




  1. I’ve played every color but black and white and I always pick the grass pokemon. When I finally found a copy of Pearl, I figured I’d try something new and picked fire.. played for 10 hours and started over to pick grass instead. It just didn’t feel right lol. Same reason I pick casters whenever I play an RPG I guess. OCD.

    1. I’m almost the same way, but with the water Pokemon. Every single generation I’ve picked the water starter first. There have been a few times where I experimented with the other ones, but I always found myself going back to the water.

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