The Path to Friday Fun

It’s Friday, once again! Did you know Friday is when economic numbers are released in the U.S.? Jobs are important, like say… jobs in the game industry? The company Kixeye is hiring and to prove it, they made a pretty good little recruiting video poking fun at their competitors:

Of course you could always start your own company. But you’d need a hook, something to grab people, like say Legend of Zelda set in the old west? Well, no, because the folks over at The Game Station have beat you to it. Check out this trailer for their upcoming webseries, Fistful of Rupees:

So, you’ve got you concept! But remember, you have to put a lot of quality into your game. A hat tip to I Heart Chaos, for posting this, best of the worst PS2 game, and yes this was a Playstation 2 game called, The Sniper 2:

Your game is finished and on the market. Huzahh! Ahh, but now you must endure the critics. And talk show host, Conan O’Brien is one of the harshest of game critics:

Keep in mind, if this is all too much, you could always start a gaming website and make the mad moneys and honeys, like us. Have a happy Friday all or you’re fired!

p.s. Please don’t start a gaming site, we really don’t need more competition. Just come here and pretend it’s your site… by clicking on our ads and hitting refresh.. a lot.

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