Cold Stream Finally Available for Xbox 360

Finally, after nearly a year, the “Cold Stream” campaign add-on for Left 4 Dead 2 is available on Xbox Live. I remember playing this months ago on PC and I was incredibly excited when I heard about it’s release on the Xbox 360. Your party finds themselves washed up on a dry bank of a river bed. The atmosphere is and very reminiscent of something straight out of Friday the 13th. Very impressive for a fan-made campaign. If you feel inspired enough to pull out your copy of Left 4 Dead 2 and brush the layers on dust aside, it’s available for 560 Microsoft Points.

Add my gamertag and let the zombie smashing begin!


  1. Glad to see they finally got this sorted out (I guess there were some issues with it showing up ‘free’ and people not being able to download, etc.). I still own L4D2, but I’m in no big rush to buy just yet. I do like that the original L4D maps are included in Cold Stream, so now they’re all available for the second game.

    1. It’s unfortunate how strict some of the Xbox Live content rules are sometimes. To add content with achievements the developer has to charge money. Valve has always been good about giving fans content for free, but Microsoft has been making that very difficult.

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