The Fart Knight

At this point I’m sure we’ve all seen The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan ended the trilogy with some serious class, so we thought we’d make a comic with no class whatsoever. Let’s just say there are punishments greater than death.


  1. On the second night.

    What would be more diabolical if, Punisher, “I have been waiting for this night, I have especially ate lots of kidney beans, banana and papaya just for you.”

    “Since you would not confess whether you like Pokemon X or Y,” his smile and face slowly turned into Haunter’s.

    To which the punisher add the tension, he then used a strong masking tape to cover the person’s mouth. Which forces the victim to only breath through the nostrils.

    And laughs maniacally, “You’ll have sweet dream.”

    Position his buttocks directly at the nostril and let the atom bomb go.


    On the third night…
    The punisher uses onions… lots and lots of onions…

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