Raiden and Sackboy Confirmed for Playstation All-Stars

That’s right folks! Two new heroes have been confirmed for the upcoming PS3 brawler, Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale. Earlier today Sony’s website uploaded some pictures that confirm much of the leaked content that’s been floating around the internet. The two characters that seem to be the most legitimate are Sackboy from Little Big Planet and Raiden from Metal Gear Solid.

We also have what appears to be a limited roster as well as possible final box art. This information is not confirmed, but there are claims from several people convinced you can see Jin and Kazuya from Tekken as well as Ryu from Ninja Gaiden. You can definitely make out the figure of Ratchet.

Kudos to some dedicated NeoGAF users and the Official Playstation Forum for capturing these images before they were pulled. If you haven’t checked out the ridiculous amount of leaked content, you can find most of it on our previous All-Stars post.


    1. Essentially yeah. I’m hoping Sony takes the Brawl formula and just goes crazy with it. They could do some really exciting things on the PS3 with a fighter of this magnitude.

  1. Not surprised about Sackboy at all (it would have been absolutely stupid of them to leave him out). Raiden? A little more surprising – I thought they would have gone with Snake.

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