Friday Rage and Sorrow and Fun!

What if Friday Fun doesn’t exist anymore?

It must.

And with that I mean, our first video! We here at Whats Your Tag? loved The Dark Knight Rises, but it must be pretty stressful being the Batman. So how can he blow off some steam? The guys over at CraveOnline have it covered:

Man, I could watch Robin get beaten all day. Next up, have you heard about the Source Filmmaker? People are going crazy with it. You can do everything from recreating scenes from The Matrix, such as YouTube user, LiveCurious95, has done:

Or you can slow things down, such as Lit Fuse Films member, Zachariah Scott has with a haunting Portal 2 short:

Finally, we post a lot of videos but sadly, big budget movies based on videogames tend to… well suck. Although I have to say, the Ace Attorney movie is looking pretty good:

IGN has a review up for the Takashi Miike film and… WAIT WHAT? Takashi Miike?!? The guy that brought us Audition, Ichi the Killer, and Visitor Q?!? Well, alright.

Happy Friday everyone!

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