Organ Trail

Everyone remembers the classic computer game The Oregon Trail. It was created as an educational tool to help demonstrate the hardships US settlers faced on their deadly journey. You had control of your supplies and your choices, but many aspects of the game were completely randomized. Just like the harsh realty of life. Such a brutally honest experience for my young mind. I have many fond memories of this game….

You come to a long river. Would you like to try and cross now?”

Hell yeah I would! I’m not waiting around. This game is boring enough as it is.

You try and cross the river and your wife gets diabetes and your two children are forced to eat each other to stay alive. Unfortunately neither survive the eating. Also you have dysentery.”

If you enjoyed the soul-crushing wonder of The Oregon Trail, I would highly recommend the newly released Android and iOS title, Organ Trail. It takes the classic Oregon Trail formula and gives it a refreshing undead twist. You and a small group of survivors hear of safe zones in various locations of the US and your goal is to gather as many supplies as possible and drive your station “wagon” along the dangerous roads to safety.

As far as Android games go, it has easily become my most played. I’m a zombie fanatic and having such an easy to use handheld zombie survival simulator was very exciting for me. The men from well, The Men Who Wear Many Hats, did a hilarious job of recreating such a timeless game. There are cameos from horror icons like the vendor from Resident Evil 4 and Shaun from Shaun of the Dead. If you are looking for a great new cell phone game do yourself a favor and pick up Organ Trail. If you don’t feel like paying the whopping $2.99 for the portable version you can play on online for free over on the developer’s website.


  1. This is such a clever idea. I’d always hunt like 800 pounds of meat but was only ever able to carry back like 100 cause hunting was the best part

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