Remember Me Debut Trailer

Capcom managed to create quite the commotion at Gamescon with the announcement of Remember Me. The game is based in the distant future and seems to borrow heavily from Sci-Fi classics such as Bladerunner and Total Recall. It’s tough not being captivated by the strong cinematic elements showcased in this trailer.


  1. So how about…I’m pretty stoked for this game? Totally a different game from Capcom. I feel like it all started since Dragon’s Dogma, which wasn’t bad, just something completely different, which I think is good.

  2. Capcom has been stepping up to the plate lately. First, Dragon’s Dogma comes and blows me away, then Resident Evil 6 is shaping up to be phenomenal, Devil May Cry started off a little bland because of the new Dante model but now it’s looking pretty good, and now this. You hit the nail on the head in the above comment.. Capcom isn’t usually known for their IPs, but I have a sort of renewed faith in them right now.

    1. Dragons Dogma was shockingly amazing. It came out of nowhere and changed the traditional in some major ways and Resident Evil 6 is looking like they devoted some serious time to it. Capcom is one of my all time favorite developers and this new lineup completely restores my faith.

      1. Exactly. I’m still surprised by just how much I’ve been playing Dragon’s Dogma long after I’ve beaten it. Now if they could just bring out a good Breath of Fire game!

  3. Kind of reminded of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer. It also gave me a little bit of the Mirror’s Edge feel. Loving the Bladerunner vibe that is being revisited in mainstream video gaming!

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