Nerd Wars! Who is Your Favorite Starter Pokemon? (3rd Gen)

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, for the third round of our exciting Nerd Wars! extravaganza! We are here for week three to determine who your favorite starter Pokemon is. This time we take a look at the fantastic starters from the third generation in the series. Alright folks, let the voting begin!

Click here if you haven’t voted for your first or second generation favorite.



      1. This was the Ruby/Sapphire set correct? I sadly, never owned this generation of pokemon games.

  1. The last Pokemon game I purchased was the remake: Heartgold. So anything past Gold and Silver I have no real knowledge of.

      1. I like water types, but the allure of kung-fu chickens, karate monkeys, and pig sumo wrestlers keeps drawing me to the fire side.

        I swear to God, though, if Fennekin is another Fire/Fighting-type, I’m gonna throw my 3DS through Game Freak’s windows.

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