Let Sleeping Fridays Lie

The calendar tells us it’s time to get all the bad blood out. It’s time to kick this past week in bum. Like in our first video, it’s a live action (emphasis on action) short film for the just released, Sleeping Dogs. Warning, this one has some NSFW language and is a tad on the gory side (which is why I love it):

You can check out more of the director’s stuff here and the YouTube channel for the stunt team, EMC Monkeys here. This really took me back to a promo movie for the under appreciated classic, Grand Theft Auto 2:

Speaking of under, our next video comes from the musical genius, BRENTALFLOSS, and it takes us under the sea, to a magical place, with a Great Chain:

Finally, let’s relax with friendly wager between the Cruz sisters:

I have never been more attracted to Penelope Cruz… don’t judge me while you’re having a great weekend! Happy Friday!






  1. Wow, Penelope looks like she has either gotten hotter over the past few years, or put on some weight and no longer weighs 60 pounds.

    Either way, I agree that she is looking attractive.

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