Skyrim Hearthfire DLC Announced for Sept. 4th

Remember the days when you had to kill townsfolk in order to obtain that perfect piece of real estate? Skyrim addressed that issue by allowing you to purchase a house in every major city, which was amazing. Some of the houses though were really just glorified shacks with a bed giving you close to no customization. Well not anymore! Hearthfire, the new DLC for Skyrim, will allow you to purchase a plot of land and build your own house from the ground up complete with all the workbenches, gardens, and enchanters you could ever want. “Well, I already have a really good house, so I don’t need Hearthfire, right?” Wrong. You can now raise a family in your new stead as well, complete with the new option to adopt children. Your adopted offspring will need to be raised and looked after otherwise they start to become rebellious little pricks I can only assume. I’m super excited to see what kind of options are available for my mansion in the hills and we don’t even have to wait long this time because the update should be available next week on September 4th. See you there!

Which new addition are you looking forward to? Whose house did you like to “steal” before houses were available in the Bethesda games? Leave your thoughts in the section below!


  1. This sounds awesome. I have to admit, I haven’t played Skyrim in a few months — even Dawnguard didn’t get me playing again, at least not yet — but I cannot wait for this DLC. The first time I picked up Skyrim, all I did for the first 2 weeks was level up until I could complete all the house-buying quests!

    1. It’s always nice to have have a cozy home to hide all of your dragon bones. I wasn’t excited for Dawnguard personally either, but I do agree that this is looking pretty dang nifty.

  2. OK I admit, at first I had to go to the Skyrim site to make sure it wasn’t a rather unique joke, that aside though, I gotta admit, I think it’s definitely enough for me to dust off my copy and get back into the game again, definitely can’t wait just to build a house let alone craft things for it…not so much into the idea of having a family, don’t want more little brats running around shouting at things 😛

    1. Jimmy don’t you dare “Fus” at the dinner table! I have to admit, I wouldn’t mind seeing a bunch of little kids running around using shouts. It could get pretty hilarious.

  3. Ah, excellent! It seemed kinda ridiculous that you had to do all this nonsense just to get a roof with three walls in some areas.

  4. I’m really looking forward to this on 360, but my wife is pretty miffed that her PS3 still hasn’t seen the likes of Dawnguard. As excited as I am about Hearthfire, I really think Bethesda should sort out the PS3 side of things before moving forward with more expansions. It’s just not fair to that portion of the fanbase.

    1. It’ll be pretty sweet to get some extra sim elements incorporated into Skyrim. It might just be enough for me to bust out that beast once more. It’s unfortunate about the PS3 versions for a lot of the DLC. Apparently programming on the PS3 is way more complicated and leads to a ton of bugs.

      1. Yeah, the split RAM is a big problem, but other studios can manage to sort it out. It boils down to not being a priority for Bethesda, and it’s a shame. You would be shocked to see just how poorly it runs on PS3. I know I was. :/

        Btw, did you play Dawnguard? If so, what did you think? I’m running through as a Vampire Lord first just to see what it offers, but then I intend to carry on with my primary save as Dawnguard. I love my werewolf too much to ditch it long term.

      2. I have quite a few buddies playing though Dawnguard, so I’ve seen it in action, but I haven’t gotten the chance to play it myself. I enjoyed the dark tone of it.

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