Who is Your Favorite Starter Pokemon? (5th Gen)

Alrighty folks, this is the last chance to vote for your favorite starter Pokemon! After this week we’ll be tallying all the results of the previous Nerd Wars! to create a master survey which will be comprised of the top choices from each of the five generations. Make sure you go and vote for your favorites! It’s super effective!



      1. I think a pokemon shouldn’t have to rely on a another for them to be useful. Currently moves sets are so diverse now that utilizing stats, abilities and move sets pokemon should be able to stand on their own in most situations. True to your statement it comes down to type alignments with gym leaders considering the starter is generally everyone’s primary pokemon.

      2. I’ve seen many instances where a single Pokemon has taken down 4 or 5 Pokemon, even ones that it had a weakness too. So a single Pokemon can be very versatile. You were just making it sound like water starters were “easy” mode.

      3. I guess I had. Though my initial statement was in jest really. Kinda making fun at how in gen one your ease of play through was mostly based on starter selected. Wasn’t expecting it to get very serious but can appreciate that it has. I enjoy discussions of this nature. I have had many rage quits on PBR cause I have had just one of my poke’s destroying entire teams.

      4. Meh. Only semi-cereal. I do agree that with certain generations there is that one starter Pokemon that just destroys the first few gyms. It’s always letting your starter out of your party too, even when you know you have better Pokemon. It’s that special bond you only get with your first… Pokemon that is.

  1. I really need to play these games. I picked up Black on impulse (sale for only £6.99!) a few weeks ago, but I keep getting distracted by other stuff. I think on some level I’m intimidated by jumping into a totally new line of monsters. I still know gens one and two by heart, and the idea of learning hundreds more kinda puts me off… xD

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