Sweat on the mats or bleed on the Friday

Sometimes… sometimes you have to be tougher than tough, stronger than strong, faster than fast… and then sometimes you just want to watch silly videogame based videos on Friday. Fist up (not a typo), we have aspiring animator, Randall Glass, giving us a taste of Team Fortress 2’s Scout sticking it to Left 4 Dead’s Witch and zombie hoard. Check it out:

Next up, we have another sweet looking Grand Theft Auto IV mod from youtube user, Taltigolt. This time we return to Grand Theft Auto 2, complete with Zaibatsu banners:

Finally, this time it’s war… in the Mushroom Kingdom. Check out the trailer for the upcoming fan film, Mario Warfare, from Beat Down Boogie:

Happy Friday everyone! Remember, what we taught you…

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