Genesect Available for Early Purchasers of Pokemon Black and White 2

Picking up Pokemon Black and White 2 when it comes out on October 12th? Just like with Victini in the originals, you will have the opportunity to download and catch the mythical Pokemon, Genesect. This Pokemon is a Bug/Steel type and was apparently revived from a fossil. Hopefully it has some good defenses under it’s belt otherwise a single Ember from Charmander will bring it down being x4 weak to fire.

Speaking of Charmander, have you voted for your All-Time Favorite Starter Pokemon yet? Charmander is way out in front, but there is still time to change the tides for some of the water Pokemon!



  1. Bug/Steel is actually one of the best typings that exists, probably because it has so many resistances and Fire isn’t a super-common attacking type in the metagame. I remember dominating people with my Scizor back in the HeartGold days…good times.

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