Wii U Price and New ZombiU Trailer

It was announced today that we have an official price for the Wii U. The basic model will go for for $299 (U.S.) and come with one controller and have an 8gb HDD, the high end model will be $349 (U.S.) come with one controller, 32gb HDD, a collection of mini-games called Nintendo Land, and a stand/charger for the controller. Don’t to forget to check out Mileson’s first hand report from the Wii U Experience. You can get your hands on one November 18th!

Also out, new trailer out for ZombiU for Wii U, check it out:

It’s looking pretty sweet, but I’m a sucker for zombies.

(h/t Kotaku)


  1. Freak’n Nintendo forcing me to buy the expensive one… oh well. And as far as ZombieU goes… man it looks like a terribly frustrating game that I would love to watch played, but hate playing it lol.

    1. I know… I want that black one so bad. It looks so sexy and you can get a larger hard drive and you get NintendoLand. They also confirmed today that games will be $59.99, first party ones anyway.

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