The Flood Return in Halo 4

That’s right folks, the folks from 343 Industries posted a bunch of new screenshots from the game and have confirmed that the flood will make and appearance. Unfortunately these disfigured icons won’t be appearing in the campaign. The above screenshot is from a multiplayer mode entitled “Flood,” in which two infected players try to spread the disease to all other players. I mean look at those things, that’s a face even a mother couldn’t love.

When I first heard this news I think I literally giggled. The “Flood” has been and will always been one of the most interesting elements in the Halo universe. I will never forget my first encounter with these terrifying creatures. There’s something genuinely scary about an organism that can transform your body into mutated mess from the inside, out.


  1. aw man that sucks. I was actually hoping to fight some cool and creepy updated Flood. *sighs* still can’t wait for the game to come out though ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. While it is a little disappointing they won’t be appearing in campaign, if 343 HAD said they were, I expect there would have been a massive backlash of people declaring they’d run out of ideas, that they were just rehashing Bungies work etc. So I think this is a good nod to a genuinely interesting and terrifying foe, without ripping them off. And these screenshots look fit, so I just cannot wait for release now.

    1. I totally agree with that. 343 needs make sure they are creating their own identity with this next Halo game. Everybody is expecting the world from this studio and if they don’t deliver you can guarantee there will be some serious backlash. The game is looking incredibly solid and they have made some major, yet simple improvements to gameplay mechanics, such as sprinting. A very small thing that makes a huge difference in the way the game plays. I’m looking forward to seeing what this company produces.

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