Nerd Wars! What is Your Favorite Resident Evil Game?

In honor of the Resident Evil 6 release, (which there seems to be outlandish amount of negativity towards, don’t worry our review is coming very shortly) we thought it would be very fitting to have you guys and gals pick your favorite game from the series for this week’s Nerd Wars! There are so many great titles to choose from. It’s going to be a tough call.



      1. Hands-down. I’ve written loads of stuff about it in the past – not on this latest site, but on a survival horror page I used to run I had a series called ‘Unsung Heroes’, where I spoke about minor characters in video games that had a big effect on me. The gun shop owner from Rezzie 2, Robert Kendo, was the subject of one of them haha. So badass.

      2. The poor gun shop owner… He never stood a chance. I started replaying again last week to get myself ready for Resident Evil 6, it only made me realize that the Resident Evil series will never be the same again.

    1. Those are my two favorites as well. My top choice is still Resident Evil 2. RE4 is an amazing game, but that is when the series drastically changed the gameplay to cater more to the action genre and less to survival horror. There are just so many memorable scares in Resident Evil 2. It’s definitely a close call between the two though.

  1. And how is Resident Evil 5 almost tied with 2 and 4? I beat Resident Evil 5 close to ten times and I still think that game was kind of lame. Resident Evil 5 absolutely killed and shred of survival horror that was left in the Resident Evil franchise.

  2. I have to agree with you Tag. RD5 killed what made it big in the first place. The Horror. I remember back in the day playing RE2 and having to stay on the phone with someone because the game scared the ever living crap out of me. That game made me show up to school many a day with blood shot eyes wishing red bull had been invented.

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