F-Virus Outbreak

Welcome to the world of Friday horror. Yes, in honor of the release of Resident Evil 6 (speaking of which have you voted in this week’s Nerd Wars?), we are having another special, Friday Fun. First up, Resident Evil 2 is widely considered one of the best in the series, did you know the original Japanese commercials were directed by non other than the father of modern zombies himself, George Romero? Well, he did. Check out the insanity, via youtube user, Fellowship91:

Now as many of you may know, the game design process is long and hard. The cutting room floor of some studios rival most butcher shops. Youtube user, Janglez311 has put together footage comprising of some of what you never saw from the Resident Evil franchise:

With a little polish, that Gameboy Color one could have been sweet, in an early 2000’s kind of way. Finally, would we even be doing this without Resident Evil 6? We like to think so, in some sort of mass hysteria kind of situation. Anyway, we should probably post someone’s review, and who better than Conan O’brien? Lots of people, but still:

Happy Friday everybody! If you’re of age, why not sit back and enjoy a cocktail, maybe a T-Virus?

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