Action! Thrills! Friday!

In a world… with Fridays… one Website… WILL! POST! VIDEOS! First up, ever wonder what the Super Mario Bros. movie would have been like if it had been a Hong Kong style gangster movie? The folks over at Dayside Productions did and the result is magical:

Speaking of cats (We are ALWAYS speaking of cats), the new Hitman game, Hitman: Absolution released a trailer that had some people scratching their heads. You remember, the one with sexy nuns getting slaughtered by 47. It was seriously lacking in cats, but no longer! Thanks to animator, Lee Hardcastle, for this:

Finally, let’s end this week with a  look into the distance, with a new ZombiU trailer:

Happy Friday everyone! And this time it’s personal. Wait, that makes no sense, never mind. Just, Happy Friday!

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