Is it Love or is it Friday?

It’s time to slow things down a bit. This one is for all the lovers… of Friday. Yes, once again it’s time for some Friday videos, first up, as you may have guessed, is all about love. A man, a woman, and the corpses left in the wake of their super weapons. From the mind of Michael Shanks, comes When Gordon Met Chell:


I liked this one a lot, but I couldn’t help but notice something about Gordon Freeman. Something I never noticed before.

Oh Dear

Ummm… Moving on, the upcoming non-Pixar CGI film, Wreck-it Ralph, has just released a trailer for one of the in-movie games called, Hero’s Duty. Hat tip to IGN for this one:

Finally, we’ve featured the duo, Sam and Max, before but this might be their most disturbing yet. Behold, Mario and Princess Peach’s fractured fairy tale:

Sorry this was so late today. I’ll let Ron Swanson explain over the campfire:

Happy Friday everyone!

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