Nano Ninjas

Are you tired of sifting through your iPhone apps to just inevitably end up busting out Angry Birds? If so, the folks over at Bad Chunk Games just might have the alternative you’ve been looking for, Nano Ninjas. This newly released iOS game takes the classic tower defense formula and incorporates some rather interesting elements. Not only do your Ninja warriors have to survive wave upon wave of evil samurai robots, but players must also find a solid balance between using units for defense or resource generation. Without gathering proper resources you will be unable to summon new units or purchase towers and upgrades.

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This game has a truly infectious art style and I couldn’t help but smile while looking at all the beautifully drawn characters and environments. There’s a ton of great content to unlock, including classic arcade style mini games and over 22 exciting units. You can even compete with your friends and battle for the high score. If you love ninjas, pandas, evil samurai robots, and tower defense games, then Nano Ninjas is right up your alley and for only $0.99 on the App Store, you can’t go wrong.

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