Nerd Wars! Who’s Got the Best Hair in Gaming?

You read that right. This week we need your help to determine who has the greatest set of locks in gaming. We have a fine selection of well crafted do’s for you to choose from. We have a sneaking suspicion that things could get a little “hairy” this time around. (Yeah… that was really bad.)


  1. I went with Cloud here — though I was tempted to go with Paul Phoenix for the physics alone — but in general I’d say Geralt of Rivia has awesome hair.To be honest, one of my favorite things in the Witcher 2 is going to the hair dresser and playing around with his long white locks.

    1. Despite recommendations from almost every one I know, I’ve never played either of the Witcher games. I have to admit though, for an older guy he’s got some pretty luxurious locks.

  2. Rofl, awesome post idea. You should do a “Movember” post on which RPG offers the best facial hair customization ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I went for Nathan Drake, because it’s the only hairstyle I’d actually want in reality, lol.

    1. Thanks man! We thought this would be a really fun one. I really love all of these choices because no matter how many people they kill, who how badly they are beaten, their hair remains perfect.

  3. Awesome idea man, love it. I don’t know why but I really like Wakka’s hair from FFX. Poor Bayonetta though, no votes (as of this post.)

      1. Haha. One of my friends said the Japanese make the perfect video game women. Plus, I was told that SEGA got offended when someone did Rule 34 about Bayonetta. At which point I laughed and said “That’s you’re own fault SEGA”

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