Friday Along the Watchtower

What is that FRAKKING MUSIC?!?!?!? It’s Friday fun videos, of course. If you hadn’t already guessed, we are starting off with some Battlestar Galactica. This one is an oldie but a goodie from College Humor, a condensed 16-bit jrpg retelling of the entire series (Spoilers-ish):

Why are we posting this? Because Battlestar Galactica is back in prequel format! Behold the first online episode thanks to Machinima:

Now that the frakking is out of the way, how about some music? First up, a 12 minute compilation of rpg songs performed by an orchestra consisting of… Mini Marios? They don’t call him Master Diwa for nothing:

Finally, the Mortal Kombat flash mob group, the Sub ZeroS has gone Gangnam style… yes this is happening:

Happy Friday everyone!

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