You Got: Merry Christmas!

So Capcom is continuing to do amazing things with Mega Man. Aside from Street Fighter X Mega Man, Capcom has released a video Christmas card called, a Mega Man Xmas:

The music is from the upcoming fan game, A Mega Man Christmas Carol 2. The thing is, Street Fighter X Mega Man started off as fan game as well. So, let’s give Capcom a round of good cheer for embracing fan games instead of sending an army of lawyers after them. Merry Christmas everyone!

(h/t Tiny Cartridge)



  1. I highly enjoyed this game even if it could have used a bit of polish (namely a password or save system). A tip for those looking for something mad radical, if you get a perfect on 4 robot masters, errr, masters, and then finish the game, you will get a bonus battle against Akuma. Yes, The Blue Bomber vs. Akuma, how awesome is that.
    An easy way to score a perfect: use an energy tank right before you score your last hit on a boss and the game credits it as a perfect.

    1. That is super awesome. Thanks for the tip! I will have to go back and try that, even though that sound ridiculously difficult. It’s hard enough just beating some of the robot masters, letting alone getting perfects on them.

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