The Best Game of 2012

Borderlands 2
Last week we asked you guys what the best game of 2012 was. Well the votes are in and your choice is, drum roll please, Borderlands 2. This is no doubt a worthy game for the title. Gearbox did an amazing job creating an entertaining and more importantly, hilarious game. There aren’t any back-handed moments of social commentary or political criticism. No, everything is out in the open and blasted right in your face. It’s refreshing to play a video game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sometimes it’s a nice feeling knowing that you are having fun while playing a game.

If you haven’t taken the time to try Borderlands 2, you are really missing out. This is easily one of the best co-op games of all time. It’s a beautiful, sexy, fusion of Diablo and Halo and it’s execution is downright amazing. Sure there are some general glitches and bugs with the physics engine, but that’s an incredibly small note compared to the amount of great associated with this game. Any fan of RPG’s or first-person shooters will find something to love.


As of December 22nd Borderlands 2 has sold over 2.1 million copies worldwide. The game was released on September 18th of 2012.

Don’t agree? Feel free to troll below. 


  1. I think one of the best things gearbox did was releasing the first borderlands as a free PS+ game. I’d always been interested enough in the game but not enough to buy it. I played it and LOVED it so i’ll definitely be playing this in the future.

  2. I think you nailed it — one of the things I love about the Borderlands games is that they don’t take themselves too seriously. I have a lot of puzzle games and RPGs that make me laugh, but i’s refreshing to find an FPS that has genuinely awesome (and tough!) gameplay AND has a great sense of humor the whole time too.

  3. I totally agree with you, the sense of humor took the game to another level. I don’t care how great the graphics look, or how the combat works; if the story is poorly written, it kills the game for me. I think it’s a great introduction to gaming: I learned the ins and outs of RPGs and first-person shooters, but unlike other games, I was having so much fun I didn’t feel frustrated or intimidated to try again when I died or messed up.

    I loved co-op mode as well. It was easy enough for a novice gamer like myself to play fairly successfully, but still challenging for my more experienced teammates. We played as different classes, making the game feel brand new. Plus, there were enough bad guys for everyone to take out that I always felt included versus just tagging along.

    1. Very well-spoken. This game is a great introduction for someone new to the RPG genre. It encompasses so many core elements of a solid RPG experiences, but doesn’t weigh you down with any unnecessary customization. It’s an all around amazing experience.

      1. Neither of the guilds I’ve been gaming with are very active, either–they have family stuff, and many are back playing SWTOR again, which is fine. I think I want to game with a bigger crowd in GW2, however.

  4. I really need to get this game eventually. I grabbed the first one on a Steam sale last year and loved it. 2 is definitely sitting on my wishlist waiting for the eventual sale (didn’t grab it on the Steam Winter Sale cause I wanted to clean up a bunch of other games that were sitting on my wishlist, this should get first pick the next time though)

    1. Borderlands 2 is amazing. I absolutely loved the first game and they definitely delivered with the sequel. All the humor you love from the first one is there, but there is a ton of expanded gameplay. Well-worth a full-price purchase.

  5. Borderlands 2 was simply too amazing. I played all the chars and then the Mecro. That Robot is IMBA. Haha..
    A marauder? No issues…
    Elite Marauder? Headshot…still no issues.
    Shotgun Midget Marauder? Hmm…ouch..but no issues.
    Badass midget Marauder? Guys..i need some help over here..
    Super Raging Goliath ? Damn his momma must be fat…
    Badass goon shotgun midget goliath? You know…i never hated midgets before…
    Super badass Raging Loot Goon Goliath : Use the force Luke.
    Ultimate Badass Towering Goliath : Alt + f4

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