Gettin’ Down with ShaqDown!


Remember that awesome classic, ShaqFu, that was probably the worst video game of all time? Well thanks to Hiptic Games we now have a spiritual successor to that amazing franchise aptly named ShaqDown. Released earlier this week for iOS and Android, it’s only $0.99 so there isn’t much to lose this time around. 

When the world is overcome with mutated zombies (because regular zombies just don’t cut it anymore) there is only one man brave enough to answer the call… Shaq. The gameplay isn’t anything new, you simply run at full speed to the right while avoiding zombies or shooting free-throws into their face. Though it lacks innovation it’s actually full of hilarious dialog that is so cheesy you’ll be shaking your head till the screws fall out. Check out the trailer below and head over to your local mobile store to pick it up for yourself or that special someone!


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