Nerd Wars! Who is Your Favorite Generation 6 Starter Pokemon?

A few short days ago we received the amazing news that there was going to be a new Pokemon game for the Nintendo 3DS and it’s not another disappointing spin-off. No, not at all. This is the real deal. Not only are we getting a new generation of Pokemon, but this will also be the first ever traditional Pokemon game in 3D. Join us as we welcome Pokemon X and Y with open arms!

To celebrate this monumental occasion, we thought we’d dedicate this week’s round of Nerd Wars! to the newly announced starter Pokemon. Little is known about these cute little buggers, but you can be sure we will hear more very soon. Until then, why don’t you cast your vote for your favorite Gen. 6 starter Pokemon?


  1. I’ll have to play the games to make sure which is best to train, then vote lol but I like the idea of them. They all look similar to other pokemon from previous generations, but you got to love them haha!

    1. That’s very true. It’s pretty dependent on the types of moves these Pokemon learn. I always choose the water starters, so chances are I will be rocking Froakie regardless of him having terrible moves.

      1. good to see you do strategies before you play the game! haha I tend to do that also. I’m used to getting the starter pokemon which is super-effective against the first gym leader, because its been known that the second gym leader would still be weaker to that starter you pick.
        Can’t wait to play it and maybe post a review. Also to read and watch reviews and gameplay!!

  2. Well, let’s see, either the one that looks like it has a hat (or is an acorn, one), a fox thing with fiery hair coming out it’s ears, or a blue frog that got a cloud stuck around it’s neck?

    In that case, I still choose fire, like always 🙂 I just think Pokemon are looking more and more weird.

    1. Yeah I imagine it’s getting rather difficult to keep spitting out hundreds of Pokemon. Every generation they either get weirder and weirder or lazier and lazier. I mean come on, look at the grass one. It’s just an otter wearing a hat. I’m still super into them though and I will be buying this game day one.

      1. Honestly, I like Pokemon creature designs, but I’ve never played beyond the second generation and I rarely play it.

        Never owned a DS and just gave up on it.

      2. are you dissing chesping. starters its a chestnut and its a porcupine second the other 2 are rip offs of all ready awsome pokemon.

  3. Gosh the fire fox looks kinda evil…I love him already! 😀
    I always start with the fire-types despite the amazing moves of the other two starters, I’m bound to start with Fennekin. ^^

      1. same with grass but because they anounced you can also get the kanto starters and the torchic avent i think its fair there one from each type is the best choice so torchic, chespin and squitle

  4. I wish I could see their evolved forms before I make a decision, but for now I’ll have to go with Chespin. I went with Oshawott last time, so this way it’ll be like my old friend has been reborn.

  5. Right now I’m leaning more towards Fennekin partly because I like the look of it the best and also because I pretty much always choose the fire starter Pokemon. But really I can’t nail down my choice until I see their final forms. After all that’s the form you’re going to stuck with majority of the time.

    1. That’s a very good point. The final evolution is going to be a defining factor, but it’s always really fun to watch the progression of you very first Pokemon. Fennekin is pretty rad looking though, kind of reminds me of Vulpix a little bit.

  6. I have never been a fan of fire starter. ive always loved the grass type starter apart from gen 5 i chose oshawott. So chespins pretty much a lock.

  7. Chespin all the way! I’ve been with pokemon since gen 1. The designs aren’t getting worse, we’re just getting older. Does anyone here remember Muk and Grimer, how terrible they both were? We all seem to forget that now, and I’m sure that if we waited a few more generations, even Trubbish will become like them; forgotten, maybe even remembered fondly in the nostalgic way we all remember our first pokemon. In any case, pokemon has improved so much, and I’m glad that there’s a new experience available every year. Gen 6 was not a disappointment.

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