A Pokemon Reborn

It’s hard to post things when you’re emotionally unstable… like a Pikachu. So this week we learned that, Nintendo is releasing the next in the mainline Pokemon series, on the 3DS called, Pokemon X/Y. So, why not celebrate with some Pokemon themed videos? I’ll tell you why not! Because, SquareEnix released the nearly 9 minute prolog to Final Fantasy IV: A Realm Reborn!

Wait, no. As sweet as that was, we need some Pokemon videos. First up, from youtube user, Owen Cartagena. American Psycho meets Pokemon Cards meets LSD?

Next up, did you know some Pokemon episodes have been banned in the USA? Here’s a quick run down, thanks to xX ShaniceNV’s Back-Up Xx:

Yes, Team Rocket in fact threatens people with guns (they are criminals) and James is a Lady Boy. Everyone’s life is ruined. Finally, how about some Poke-etiquette, thanks to Adventure Time creator, Pendolton Ward:

Happy Friday Everyone!



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