Be Careful What You Search For…


To all of our young viewers awaiting more Pokemon X and Y coverage, you might want to make sure your search filter is turned on. Numerous accounts of Poke-porn surfaced over the weekend as unsuspecting victims innocently searched for “pokemon x videos” and got just what they asked for. X rated videos featuring Pokemon.

Google has been working hard to try and smother what it can, but the internet is a vast jungle of destroyed childhood dreams. The best way to avoid seeing something that might make you wish you were blind is to double check that your search filter is set to strict (which is how it comes by default) or search it as “‘Pokemon X’ videos”. That extra punctuation could save a child’s life.



  1. Whoops! I hadn’t thought of that. The publishers perhaps didn’t think the internet keyword aspect of this brand through so well when they were planning. What a headache for Google, and what a boon for dodgy hentai sites!

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