Register for The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Now!


Will you answer the call? For the time is now! Elder Scrolls Online is now accepting applications for BETA testing. This is exciting news, for soon you will be traversing the dangerous lands of Tamriel together with friends for the first time! To accompany the news, Bethesda Softworks also released this amazing animated trailer.

There still isn’t any clear date for the release of the Beta, but it’s not too far off on the horizon now.



      1. Yeah, my cousin said it has been in the works for a long time. I had no idea, unfortunately I am not a big computer gamer so I doubt I will play it.

  1. @WYT? Your blog is always 1up-ing me! Haha but it’s always worth it. There’s always something new! Definitely linking you up to my network so everyone else sees this!

    1. Hahaha hey, we do what we can. We try and get stuff up as soon as we find it. It can be a battle trying to post before a lot of the other great sites out there. Thanks for checking back!

  2. I want so much to get in on this…but I highly doubt they’ll pick me. Got an “average” rating. :/ Still, the trailer just blew my mind.

  3. SIgned up a few days ago!!! So beyond excited!!!! The Elder Scrolls are my favorite game series!! I cannot wait to play it, I heard about this a few months ago and freaked out when I heard it!

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