Nerd Wars! Choose Your Dew!

Mountain Dew and gaming go together like Simon and Garfunkel. It’s just a magical match made in heaven. There’s nothing better than sitting down with some bro’s or bro-ette’s, crackin’ open an ice-cold Dew, and delving deep into some serious gameage. We have no doubt that Mountain Dew is amazing. What we want to know, is what variety you folks prefer. Are you crazy for Code Red? Or do you prefer to keep it classic? For this week’s round of Nerd Wars!we just want you to choose your favorite Dew flavor. Sweet and simple, just how we like our Mountain Dew.


  1. You’ve cut back? Lies! I’ve seen your crazy Dew food videos and the Diablo bucket of doom!…those were scary!
    I’ve always preferred Code Red, and it annoys me that they don’t seem to sell it as a 2 Liter anymore? I do not understand this, and I do not approve!

  2. As much I don’t like the “Mountain Dew/Doritos/Gamer” stereotype… I do have a soft spot for “Gamer Fuel”. It just so happens to taste exactly like my favorite Slurpee combo: Cherry Fanta with Mountain Dew.

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