Scott Pilgrim DLC Date Announced


Two and a half years after it’s release, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game is finally getting online multiplayer.

The “Online Multiplayer + Wallace Pack” was originally slated for August, but issues and shenanigans pushed it back to fall. Well February is kinda like fall right? It’s like Winter falling into Spring. Regardless, on February 6th you can download the pack for half of it’s original price. For 160 MSP ($2) you can blow the dust off this arcade title and play it how it was meant to be played, in 4 player Co-op online. If you haven’t picked up Scott Pilgrim yet, now is the best time because it is truly a great game.



    1. The developers designed this game to be a true, retro console experience. That’s why there was no online play originally. They wanted people to invite some good friends over, so everyone could share i the fun together.

  1. I loved everything about this game, except that I couldn’t play past the second boss.. every single time I got to that point the game froze and I had to shut off my xbox 😦 and the stupid game didn’t save correctly after that.
    Recently I started it again, hoping for a patch to fix the problem, and there was a download! But still, the game froze, just a few stages later… 😦 😦
    Did anyone else ever experience this?

      1. yes, it was very upsetting and sad 😦 and I’ve tried playing the game on 3 out my 4 different Xboxes, so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t local.. it sucked big time, because I was totally excited about the game >_<

      2. That is very weird! Hmmm, well if you do get it fixed, or decide to try the DLC anyway. Shoot us a message. Or a friend request on xbox live. We’re alwasy down to play!

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