High Frequency Blades Trailer


The latest trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance illustrates exactly why this game looks like so much fun. 

First off, I’m not a huge Metal Gear Solid guy. I’ve enjoyed a few of the games and can completely understand why people love them, but I’ve never been a hardcore fan. I think it’s just mainly that I don’t have the patience for most stealth games. I’d rather run in with some sort of robo-katana and slash fools into finite pieces.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8t_k4jiEdY]

I played the demo a few days ago and had an amazing time with it. The combat is very fast-paced and focuses on all the right things. Raiden’s ridiculous ninja agility makes navigating the large environments quick and effective. If you’re a fan of the hack-and-slash genre, there is a lot to love.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is scheduled for release on Feb. 19th, 2013.


  1. To my line of thinking this is more about generating cash than anything else. Kojima ended this story with MGS4, all the while leaving it open. Gotta respect his old school writing style.

      1. Heh… Didn’t mean to make it sound like a dig against the franchise. Like you, I wasn’t much into playing the series, but Kojima’s storytelling has my full attention.

        I’m glad to hear there will be more. ^^

      2. The new open-world Metal Gear looks insane. I don’t even really know how to process it.I saw some premier footage at PAX and it blew my mind. The graphics were phenomenal.

  2. The writing is on the wall for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It’s been in production limbo for a while and after Kojima productions pretty much severed most ties with it when handing it over to Platinum Games I pretty much lost any kind of faith that the game would turn out decent. NOT to mention I got my hands on the demo and it was…less than impressive to me. Hack N Slash just isn’t a favorite genre of mine.I enjoy it every now and then (I will be the first to get giddy over Fist Of The North Star Ken’s Rage) but as a Metal Gear Solid fan who has played all of the major console releases (I exclude handhelds though) I can say that this one will probably be as overlooked and possibly reviled as MGS2. Kojima did a lot of work to make the Raiden character likeable from MGS2 to 4 but I feel like that is pretty much going down the drain with this title. This is probably one of the worst decisions they could have made for the franchise in my opinion…and this is coming from a guy who played Substance and actually liked the Raiden and Solid Snake skateboarding minigame…

    1. Not a huge fan of hack n’ slash games myself, but I must say the finite slicing system is pretty entertaining. It’s pretty satisfying to slash poor, random drones soldiers into tiny pieces. I had fun for the 20 minutes I played, but I don’t know if I’d really appreciate more than a couple hours of that. When it was first announced it seemed like a very strange concept to me, but hey some people go crazy for weird cyborg/ninjas.

      1. I found the slicing system to be a little wonky…it was supposed to be the main draw of the game back when it was announced in 2009 as sort of a way to interact with not only opponents but with your environment but now it just seems like a tacked on gimmick that Platinum games kept in there to say “See, Kojima Productions had their hands on it”. Something about the game just smacks of disappointment. Games that are in limbo for that long and get shuffled around RARELY come out the other end looking like anything more than a ground up jumbled mess (case in point Aliens: Colonial Marines) I am EXTREMELY skeptical and could talk about why I think this game won’t work until the cows come home but I don’t think anyone will believe me until they waste their money on the game…I think the only people that this game will really appeal to are HARDCORE Kojima fans who will play anything with the FoxHound logo on it or people who love Hack N Slash games who have little to no knowledge of the MGS universe.
        I say skip it and head straight for Ground Zeroes whenever it’s supposed to be coming out.

      2. Personally, I would never buy the game, but I could see fans of the hack n slash genre finding something to enjoy. I’ve never been a die-hard Metal Gear fan, so this isn’t necessarily a travesty in my eyes, although it seems weird that this game is going exist in the Metal Gear universe.

        Ground Zeroes looks really good. I’m excited about the idea of a more open-world style Metal Gear game. It’s pretty rad to see an older, more rugged looking Snake as well.

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