Grand Theft Auto V Release Date


Yes, that’s right. Grand Theft Auto V now has a new release date. As Rockstar writes in their press release, it’s later than originally expected but then again from the looks of it, it might be worth it:

I just don’t understand why won’t they go back to London though?



  1. Wasn’t GTA IV delayed by six months, then a further three? GTA V probably will be too! Then because of all the hype it will be a let down, just like GTA IV was!

  2. It’s incredible to think that it’s the fifth game in the series. The Max Payne engine will be pretty fun to see in it. Kind of like you said, it would be great if it didn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a game that’s dark enough as it is. The best is when it is able to balance an engaging game arc with dark humor.

    1. That’s honestly why I’ve always kind of liked Saints Row a bit more. It does the sandbox game perfectly. I was a huge fan of the early Grand Theft Auto’s, but four was the first one I didn’t actually complete. I got tired of bowling and calling my friends on the phone.

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